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A Death in Munich

Just before Oktoberfest in 1931, Adolf Hitler's niece and secret lover is found dead in a locked room in the Fuhrer's Munich flat. Pressured by the Nazis, the police rule it a suicide, but evidence suggests a cold blooded execution. If the killer can be outed, widespread outrage will thwart a maniac's rush to power.


“Hoof’s best thriller ever!”
– Donald E. Gastwirth, Literary Agent

"David Hoof is an eloquent writer, spinning his haunting tale with words that will live beyond the book itself."

- Sue Ann Jaffarian, author of the Odelia Grey Mystery Series

"David Hoof is the work of a writer who has mastered his craft."

- Rick Slone, author of Brown Shoe

“A Death in Munich instills fear that Hitler is around every corner, not only waiting for the spy but also the reader for daring to read this possible alternative to history.”

– T.L. Cooper, Author of All She Ever Wanted

“Taut, Tense and Thought Provoking. David L. Hoof shows us once again why he is an International Best Selling author!”

– Giovanni Gelato, Trestle Press

“David Hoof travels back to a tumultuous time when a rising Adolf Hitler was a murder suspect. This fascinating story glides believably from reality to possibility, chronicling a mystery involving not only leading Nazis but also Hitler’s women, including Eva Braun and filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl.”

-Thomas B. Allen, Author: World War II: Encyclopedia of the War Years.