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Babes and Bastards

For every emerging independent woman today, men can be little better than annoying at best and downright monstrous at worst. A creation of a stolen NSA computer program, Fiona Halloran is launched into the present to assist faltering novelist Andy Delaney capture the market that has evaded him, the one for and about women. But there’s an emerging risk: increasing personal danger to them both. This doesn’t stop when they finish his latest novel, Babes & Bastards. It just spills over to the next best seller in a series starring Fiona Halloran, Nun No More. Look for it soon in a bookstore near you.

More Praise for Babes & Bastards

A book that opens to a death and then closes to a possibility of another book coming out is a talent that only a word smith can pull off. Standing in a digital and literary world at the same time, David L. Hoof rolls up his sleeves and figures out how to put you on the most devastating, edge-of-your-seat ride of your life while empowering women. Enter the world of the Babes & Bastards and spend some time with Andy, Kevin or Fiona. You’ll be glad you did. A must read.

Sandra Karlson
Empress of David Hoof’s Literary Universe

Fast, funny, and witty…David’s novel takes the reader on a fantastic adventure that leaves you wondering what is real and what is imagination. The genius of this novel is how it weaves a recipe for life, giving sage advice such as how to write the next best seller; how to life it without regrets; how to embrace passion and urgency; how to not smother yourself while reaching for big dreams. As you get to know Fiona and Andy, you might just learn how to squeeze through the cracks of the impossible to create your own reality! Babes and Bastards is a tale well calculated to keep you in suspense and will keep you turning the pages and possibly leave you with a queer feeling that maybe, just maybe, we are all writers of our own story, and this becomes our shared reality.

Deborah Wunderman

Babes and Bastards by David Hoof examines the relationships between men and women in a raw and forceful give and take between Andy, an author whose career is waning, and Fiona, a fictional character come to life created by a stolen software program, Genesis. Hoof doesn’t hold back in exploring misogyny, sexually predatory behavior, and feminism. While at times both Andy and Fiona are cringe-inducing, both also bring interesting perspectives to the table. Andy can’t write women and Fiona is determined to show him the error of his ways. As Andy and Fiona engage in a combat of words, a tension develops that holds the reader hostage in the world they’re creating. As Fiona grapples with communicating with Andy, her frustration with his inability to grasp even a fundamental understanding of misogyny, sexually predatory behavior, and women in general bleeds through the pages as she rewrites his lines as quickly as he can write them. Babes and Bastards illustrates the importance of consent and boundaries but also blurs the lines in ways that are thought provoking and emotionally intense pushing the reader to ponder if the world would be better off with more women at the helm.

T.L. Cooper
author and poet