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Strictly Speaking

Patriotism Revisited

A patriot is an individual loyal to the founding documents, principles or traditional practices of a national government. If there is a breadth of interpretation regarding the interpretation of the meaning of charter documents, then there is a breadth of what can be called patriotism. Thomas Jefferson said that dissent is the first duty of a patriot, which means that any side requiring loyalty to their view or their leader is tyrannical. Very often the cry of patriotism is used for unsavory purposes. Ironically Adolf Hitler was superpatriotic in demanding an overthrow of the democratic Weimar government that was installed by the victorious allied coalition after World War I. Historically Germany had favored a monarchy, as Frederick the Great, or an emperor, or Caesar, as with Kaiser Wilhelm, their leader during the First World War. Traditional patriotism became the justification for Hitler’s takeover Read More 
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