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Death Makes No Deals

Approaching Christmas, a winter blizzard locks Chicago in snow. Among its residents, retired FBI poisons expert Tad Lindholm is a haunted man. Haunted by his past, haunted by his recently dead lover Yvette, haunted by the long shadows of too many empty booze bottles, haunted by depression, and tempted by an arsenal of deadly doses to end it all. At the same time, he is trapped by lingering suspicions that he alone synthesized the traceless toxins responsible for recent deaths. Numb with stubbornness, encircled by intersecting mysteries, Lindholm pursues the real killers among his enemies, only to discover an unimaginably personal betrayal.

“Greed, lust, betrayal, revenge…. Those words launch one of the red-hot sentences in Death Makes No Deals, a book that moves faster than a bullet—or a baffling poison. David Hoof leads the reader into a murderous maze, with death lurking at every turn.”

Thomas B. Allen, author of Tories

“Death Makes No Deals has a wicked hook, one difficult from which to pull away.”

Peter E. Abresch, author of Recycling Jesus, And if you

want, Me and Snack McGhee.

“Death Makes No Deals grabs you from the get-go. Readers of crime novels who haven't yet discovered David Hoof will want to check out this book. Way readable, hard-edged, studded with gallows humor, the book is like onyx, a black gem. It’s speedy and tightly constructed, a heady cocktail of the gritty and the entertaining. Parts of the world he writes about you will recognize, but there are other parts, so alien, so dark, you will be glad that you don’t. It’s far-fetched, I won’t kid you, but as Hitchcock said, “A far-fetched story must be plausibly told, so your nonsense isn't showing.” Hoof walks that tightrope with admirable skill.

Rick Slone, author of Brown Shoe

“Death Makes No Deals offers the reader a nonnegotiable deal filled with intrigue, suspicion, and complicated relationships. Its characters coax the reader to accept a reality that everything around our experience resists as fantasy. Hoof aptly demonstrates that the past will will not only haunt the past, but inform a future based on our interpretations and decisions. This novel is filled with deadly deals that demonstrate the power of the dead over the living.”

T.L. Cooper, author and poet

“Hoof's Death Makes No Deals falls somewhere between an homage to hard-boiled crime writing and a parody of it. Either way, he's having a helluva good time hanging out inside these tough guys' heads. Readers will too.

Jed Horne, author of Desire Street, a True Story of Death and
Deliverance in New Orleans

"Irving Literary Society member Dave Hoof's new novel, Death Makes No Deals, follows in the Society's century-plus tradition of extolling the best in New York State's arts, crafts and letters accomplishments. Dave's 11th novel places him in the ranks of members Carl Schurz, Harry Falkenau, and Florence Kelley in the advancement of Chicagoland culture as recorded by writers nurtured by Upstate New York. A must read for Summer 2017!”

David Miron, Dean of the Irving Literary Society