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Babes and Bastards

For every emerging independent woman today, men can be little better than annoying at best and downright monstrous at worst. A creation of a stolen NSA computer program, Fiona Halloran is launched into the present to assist faltering novelist Andy Delaney capture the market that has evaded him, the one for and about women. But there’s an emerging risk: increasing personal danger to them both. This doesn’t stop when they finish his latest novel, Babes & Bastards. It just spills over to the next best seller in a series starring Fiona Halloran, Nun No More. Look for it soon in a bookstore near you.

A Death in Munich

Just before Oktoberfest in 1931, Adolf Hitler's niece and secret lover is found dead in a locked room in the Fuhrer's Munich flat. Pressured by the Nazis, the police rule it a suicide, but evidence suggests a cold blooded execution. If the killer can be outed, widespread outrage will thwart a maniac's rush to power.

Triple Jeopardy

In Triple Jeopardy, two co-dependent subplots, intertwined and braided like a strong rope, run alternately and interactively in linear time, and pit the wills of rich husband and wife Richard and Cynthia Speckt to separate triumphantly from a marriage gone sour. In order to defeat a draconian clause that multibillionaire Richard placed in their pre-nup, Cynthia hires kidnappers to spirit her husband away to a magical island and provide proof of his infidelity, the only condition under which Cynthia is not a big loser in divorce. Unknown to her or her team of specialists, Richard, through a felonious former associate has hired a hit man to kill Cynthia, a result that - if successful - will net him all of her assets as sole survivor. Caught in the middle, clueless of the underlying intrigues, is Denny Potemkin, a dead ringer for Richard, an unknown, unemployed method actor and impressionist who - while standing (and lying) in for the kidnapped Richard and trying to keep the world's economy from toppling - begins to wonder if in the end he becomes the man who knows too much. The tone is light and satirical, a blend of Wall Street with The War of the Roses, irreverently mixing a delicious combination of malice and paranoia that, like the adversarial spouses, is served cold but often simmers hot. In an ending where nothing and everything changes, both partners get what they most want but not all they want, and certainly not without unanticipated consequences.


Set in the dying Montana town of Sanctuary, Sharpshooter pits the local lawman, Redfawn Kravitz, against the recent killer of U.S. Senate candidate Jeb Holloway, a powerful man with lots of enemies.

The weapon that killed Holloway is a Sharps buffalo rifle. The lethal slug seems to have come through time, as if the murderer stepped out of the past, then melted back to the time just after the Battle of Little Bighorn, when the Holloways began grabbing up land at bargain prices. As the investigation gains ground, both suspects and witnesses begin dropping like flies.

Sharpshooter is modern in the sense of being present day, but Western in terms of the ruggedness and traditional views of its characters. It isn't likely that you'll guess whodunnit until the last chapter. Three romantic subplots add welcome relief from this otherwise hard land and its people. As beautiflly written as the story is gripping, this one may just be literature.

Little Gods

Set in 1963 at an elite New England prep school, Little Gods channels Mystic River into Dead Poet’s Society. The murder inciting narrator Travis Mather’s hunt for this best friend’s killer is witnessed by only one terrified student, and quickly eclipsed by JFK’s death just weeks later.

Sight Unseen

Spike Halleck. Once Hollywood’s top sound-effects man. Then an accident left him blind. When his niece is kidnapped, he has only his trained ears and the patience of a woman cop to work with. After the ransom attempt is bungled, they have only hours to find her before she dies.

The Last Prisoner

Brilliant immunologist Larry Farnes is a political prisoner. His crime was to blow the whistle on his own covert experiments for the Defense Department: the creation of an invincible bioweapon. When the United States is secretly attacked by bioweapons, prisoner Farnes is the country’s only hope.

Death Makes No Deals

Approaching Christmas, a winter blizzard locks Chicago in snow. Among its residents, retired FBI poisons expert Tad Lindholm is a haunted man. Haunted by his past, haunted by his recently dead lover Yvette, haunted by the long shadows of too many empty booze bottles, haunted by depression, and tempted by an arsenal of deadly doses to end it all. At the same time, he is trapped by lingering suspicions that he alone synthesized the traceless toxins responsible for recent deaths. Numb with stubbornness, encircled by intersecting mysteries, Lindholm pursues the real killers among his enemies, only to discover an unimaginably personal betrayal.